Coaching to re-align your life

Your love-yourself/love-life toolkit

Coaching is about goal setting, planning, and prioritising YOU.

Tweaking long-held behaviours to live a happier and more fulfilled life, something that’s easier to accomplish with support, encouragement, and accountability.

With my coaching, we explore the different areas of your life, help you uncover what’s truly important, re-establishing your inner values to keep you focused and on-track.

My coaching techniques are designed to support you, while you navigate the shifts and challenges of everyday life.

Together, we’ll create your Well Life Vision; based on your life purpose, no-one else’s. Setting attainable goals and fortifying your strengths, values, and the important things in your life.

We'll tease out the bits that make you YOU; elements of your life and personality which may have got lost, forgotten, or overshadowed along the way. The bits that make you truly awesome!

The foundation for your love-yourself/love-life outlook.

Varvara Dranidis Lymington Life and Yoga Coach

The coaching process


Discussion, exploration, and assessment of your current situation. A completely confidential, non-judgemental, and trusting space to share.


Together we create a personalised wellness plan, using interactive tools/charts to give you deeper insight.


Keeping yourself accountable with my support via email and WhatsApp check-ins in between sessions.


Evaluating ongoing progress.


Enjoy the success of your own achievements. That’s your Well Life Vision taking shape.

The Power of Coaching & Yoga

I’ve seen many clients benefit from the powerful connection between coaching and yoga.

Yoga brings awareness, mindfulness, expression, and confidence, whilst Wellness Coaching focuses on personal growth and addresses any imbalance in your life.
I have some life-saving behaviours to share and healthy habits to introduce, and I promise these will help you rocket forward, cope with the hard times and celebrate the good!

Transformative Yoga

The ability to focus is the key to tackling difficult times in life.

Yoga is truly transformative, it resets the mind; soothes the soul, and improves the condition of the body. And combining it with coaching puts you firmly on the most effective wellness path.

As well as improving your overall health and fitness, yoga centres the mind – it’s why I keep it integral to my coaching programmes! In our yoga sessions you will learn a new way to breathe (yes, really!), you’ll build resilience physically and mentally, you’ll have a whole set of new routines to practice in your own time plus the tools to navigate life’s hurdles with more clarity.


How do we combine the two?

While we work together on defining your goals, rediscovering your values, and reinstating your self-belief, you will learn to feel stronger in body and mind through your yoga practice.

Week by week as you practice and learn new methods, you’ll notice your balance and positivity slowly restore.  Your body will feel stronger, your mind will feel clearer and before long, you’ll be feeling more like yourself again.

“A gentle, professional ‘nudge’ always sets me up feeling confident and alive for the week ahead. I will continue to remember the kind, soft words of encouragement and advice Varvara has given me.”


“Varvara has healing hands, she intuitively knows when to lay her hands on my back or neck to release tension or deepen a stretch, the relief in my muscles and the improved flexibility in my joints is proof of her magical powers!”


With hundreds of questions swirling around your head, in this moment the only one you need answering is…

Can Varvara help me?

Book in a FREE discovery call with me today and together we can put a plan in place to rediscover YOU.

Did you know?

It takes 12 weeks to see lasting, impactful lifestyle change.

What my clients say...

“Varvara's coaching sessions have been a valuable experience for me.”

“Her friendly and approachable manner as well as her professionalism made me feel, from the very first session, that she is (without doubt) the right person to guide me on a journey of self-discovery and positive change! The session flows with ease and enjoyment and at the end I always feel I have gained more clarity and direction.”

“Varvara’s coaching sessions have picked me up and pointed me in the right direction. Her calm, friendly and positive nature allowed me to rediscover myself and realise the strengths I have, allowing me to achieve my end goals slowly but surely. Her helpful step-by-step approach and encouraging manner left me feeling very supported in and out of the sessions.”

My Mind and Body Resilience Foundations

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Lightbulb moments

Today I had one of those amazing YES!! moments. It happened during a first session with a new client. Half way through she let me know how good she already felt to be working with me, how much freer she felt in both body and mind, and how she couldn’t wait to continue with the…
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Are ease and flow flowing right past you?

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And, breathe…

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