Helping women find clarity, strength, positivity, and purpose.

A unique blend of mind and body coaching; designed to help women facing life’s changes.

My name is Varvara, and I’m a certified Health and Wellness Coach, Yoga Teacher, Mental Fitness Facilitator and Doula - here to unlock your calm, clear-focused YOU.

I support women through some of life’s toughest challenges; relocation, heartbreak, career shift, empty nest syndrome, IVF, pre and post-natal and childbirth.

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“It’s a mind and body workout you won’t want to be without.”

Perfect for you if you’re…

  • Facing a big transition or upheaval?
  • A mid-life professional, new/over-stretched mum or both?
  • Stressed, anxious or struggling with self-esteem?
Varvara Coaching Self Study, Saboteurs and Mental Fitness

“The unparalleled powers of yoga and coaching will arm you with an inner peace and strength to help you face whatever challenges life throws at you.”


I’ll help you rediscover your YOU.

The first step to lasting lifestyle change

Coaching is a process of exploration we embark on together. I'll be by your side to help you find your strengths, rediscover what's truly important in your life while keeping you accountable, so you stay on track for the life you want to lead.

During my career I have worked alongside many women going through some of life’s biggest challenges and transitions.

Motherhood, career change, a new lifestyle, empty nesting, relocation and more. It’s these changes that can test our self-belief and resilience - something I know all too well.

My style of coaching enables you to discover a deeper understanding of yourself, providing you with the techniques to move through situations with more clarity, and to celebrate your triumphs, however big or small.

It takes a lot of strength to ask for help and from my own personal experience, I know that even when things feel impossible to manage, with the right tools, encouragement, and mindset, it IS possible to get through these situations and live a richer, more contented existence.

Together, we will build your resilience and focus, so you can live your best life. Applying my own blend of yoga, mental fitness coaching and a sprinkling of Mediterranean (I’m half Greek) warmth.

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Learn more about my experience and how I can help you

I’ve met some amazing women during my career and helping them has become integral to my work.
Find out how my blended mind and body coaching programmes can help you find clarity.


Discover how yoga strengthens the mind, body and soul and how it blends perfectly with coaching.
Yes, having a baby is one of life’s joys but don’t underestimate the emotional and physical toll it takes on your mind and body. Through simple and safe techniques, I help women overcome their anxieties during this big life change.

What my clients say...

“Varvara has healing hands, she intuitively knows when to lay her hands on my back or neck to release tension or deepen a stretch, the relief in my muscles and the improved flexibility in my joints is proof of her magical powers!”


"I had a great experience with Varvara. We started doing Yoga then did coaching too. She is warm, friendly and approachable whilst gently pushing you to improve. If you are thinking of working with her make contact with her and have a chat you won’t regret it."


"Varvara has been my health and wellness coach for some months, and she has been amazing, truly inspiring. Initially 6 sessions over 6 weeks. I found those sessions so helpful and enlightening, I decided to continue. We worked together looking at the whole of me, rather than each symptom separately."

“Varvara is a lovely warm person, someone I trust, she is professional, understanding and so friendly. She made me feel so comfortable to share things I never dreamt I’d share, it felt great being able to openly talk about things without being judged. The sessions were focussed on me and my needs.”

“Thank you Varvara I’m ready to tackle anything life throws at me.”

“Her calm, friendly and positive nature allowed me to re–discover myself and in particular realise the strengths I have to allow me to slowly but surely achieve my end goal.”

“Her friendly and approachable manner as well as her professionalism made me feel right from the very first session that she is without doubt the right person to guide me into a journey of self-discovery and positive change! Often, I know where I want to go but can't quite navigate how to get there or where to start! This is where Varvara truly has shone a light into the direction I need to take.”

“I am so grateful to have her as my coach and her love and support from the heart, shines right through. Thank you, Varvara!”

My Mind and Body Resilience Foundations

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Lightbulb moments

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Are ease and flow flowing right past you?

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