“Yoga has always been a huge part of my life, I’ve been practicing since my 20’s. I was inspired by my mother’s love of yoga and holistic mindfulness, and amazingly, all three of her daughters are now yoga teachers.”


I’m Varvara, a Certified Health and Wellness Coach with over 25-years’ experience in the health and wellness sectors. Skilled in the art of helping women work through some of life’s toughest challenges.

We all have our own personal journey, and this is mine. I’ve experienced significant shifts in my life when my belief system and focus has spun on its axis. I suffered postnatal depression, a life-changing divorce as well as the upheaval of relocating from Greece to the UK, and back again!

Setting unrealistic expectations and demands on myself along the way only deepened my unease. I put pressure on myself to be a super-mum, supportive wife and pursue a successful career while the important stuff – contentment – got overlooked.

Without finding the right support and clarity to navigate the fog, my life would have taken a different path.


“During the lowest periods in my life, yoga has helped me regain strength, find clarity and reconnect.”

My work life began…

… as a masseuse onboard cruise liners before I moved to London to become a special events makeup artist. Life was hectic to say the least; the hospitality and beauty industries are fast-paced, and a healthy work/life balance is almost impossible to achieve – I needed to make a change.

Being half Greek, I relocated to Greece (where my family still live), inspired by the amazing women I’d met over the last few years. A chance encounter resulted in me co-founding Healthy Options; a beach-based Yoga, Pilates and Fitness holiday company, tucked away in a remote but beautiful corner of Greece.

“I’ve met some amazing women during my career and helping them has become integral to my work.”

I created the concept behind Healthy Options whilst seeking my own refuge from a time of overwork and imbalance. Discovering ways to pause, rest (beyond sipping poolside cocktails) and recharge; ready to tackle work/life refreshed and energised.

I was conscious that although yoga has always helped me disconnect from the hustle and bustle of a busy life, so many hard-working women don’t experience the benefits.

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“Drawing on my massage and body work skills, I felt the need to delve deeper into the connection between mind and body by studying yoga. Ultimately deciding to teach it and share the power of it, by building it into my coaching.”

Supporting women with wellness


Today, my business Varvara Coaching, Hampshire has become a source of support for many women – near and far - looking for a new and enlightened way to live, embracing yoga and wellness coaching into their daily lives.

I love educating and guiding groups and individuals as they find improved behavioural and lifestyle change, manifesting itself as sustained mental and physical health.

Having experienced IVF, postnatal depression and the lack of reassuring guidance new mums get, I trained to become a Doula to support new and not-so-new mums through pregnancy and childbirth.

It was a natural progression to add Health & Wellness Coach to my love-yourself/love-life toolkit.

My expertise:

  • Health, Wellness & Life Coach
  • Mental Fitness Facilitator
  • Mindfulness & Meditation Practitioner
  • Yoga, Movement & Alignment Teacher
  • Body Worker, Massage Therapist & Reflexologist
  • Birth/Post-Natal Doula & Baby Yoga Practitioner

Healthy Options - It all began in my Mediterranean homeland

“There’s a lot to be said for the Mediterranean way of life, the simplicity and balance, it gives women a real sense of empowerment.”

Healthy Options was all about organised first-time retreat-like experiences to indulge women and educate them about a more balanced approach to life. I wanted to show women that they can enjoy mindfulness at dawn, yoga at midday, and a glass of wine in the evening - because life really is about balance!

The success of Healthy Options grew year-on-year. What initially began as a small group of novice yoga enthusiasts (and a small marquee to practice in!) quickly became a widely renowned retreat for ‘sailing widows’ and single women, joined together by the love of escapism, culinary excellence and Mediterranean beach life.

We welcomed guest speakers, embraced the offerings from local businesses (including snorkelling, herbal garden tours and cycle rides) as well as paying homage to the island’s delicious cuisine and Mediterranean culture.

The company grew so successfully that my sister ran our secondary centre on mainland Greece, and we welcomed returning guests year after year. I was touched by the positive feedback from guests and the friendships made. The experience very much forged the next chapter in my story.


“So happy and so chilled – yet energised. Really do not want to go home!”

Emma, Healthy Options client

“Supportive and positive in all aspects.”

Susie, Healthy Options Client

On returning home, many of the women I had hosted at Healthy Options asked for additional coaching to help introduce their newfound practices into everyday life. Healthy Options laid down the foundations for what I do, and the aftercare I provided for guests developed into the coaching programmes I offer today.

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Lightbulb moments

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