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Body Health/Weight Balance - 12 Session Programme.

Discover better body health and motivation to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Over this 12-session programme we will build a trusting relationship, which will help you gain motivation and a routine that will have long-lasting positive effects on your daily life - something that you’ve yearned for a long time. The programme aims to give you a higher chance of success and leaves you feeling empowered by the whole experience.

Are you ready to start working towards a healthier lifestyle?

Working weekly or bi-weekly through 12 coaching and 6 yoga sessions, you will gain...


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An ally - that's me! In your corner to support you through every step.

Discover healthy living strategies that really work for lasting lifestyle change.
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Skills in journaling, mindfulness
and breath work.

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How to take Yoga and Meditation practice home and into your daily life.


12 sessions coaching x 6 sessions yoga - £1,395

I'll be with you every step of the way...

You will have email and phone connection with me to check-in, update and support you further, for advice and accountability throughout our journey.

You'll also receive a welcome pack to start your new habits off on the right foot, including a FREE personalised wellness journal and a comforting eye pillow - a favourite of my yoga clients!

*- Journal may differ from picture shown.

Empowering and supportive coaching to help you reach your body balance goals.
Kick starting a new healthy food and shopping plan that will last.
Gaining control of a healthy and balanced eating plan that will fit into your lifestyle.
Reap the benefits of dynamic toning and strengthening core based exercises to increase digestion, feel happier in your tummy and gain a leaner body.
Motivation to keep you on track and find ways to celebrate your WINS - without food.
Develop a positive and confident mind- set that will instinctively help you make the right healthy choices.
Develop a focused and motivated mind to enhance your chances of success.
Track and measure your progress your way.
Mindfulness and breathing techniques to keep you calm, positive and focused with your progress .
Find a healthy food plan that fits in with your daily life.
Finally feel better and look great in the body you feel best in.
Discover healthy living strategies that really work for lasting lifestyle change.
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When hundreds of questions are swirling around in your mind, in this moment the only one you need to ask yourself is: Are you ready to work with me?
You've discovered my story, you've read about my journey, my expertise and how my programmes work, so let's get started. I can confidently say the hardest part of my own personal journey was asking for help, so let's tick that off your list.

Book a FREE discovery call with me today and together we can put a plan in place that feels exciting

Securing your Well Life Vision

Together we will create your Well Life Vision with ease via the 360° Wellness Mapping™ method. This vision will be the over-arching image of yourself, functioning at your best in all aspects of your life. Part of this process will be creating an inspirational statement of what this vision looks like to you, and this will then provide you with the direction, motivation, and clarity about what you would like to achieve.

I will combine my expertise to create an all-encompassing mind and body approach to your Well Life Vision, helping you to tackle some of life’s toughest transitions. We will set out goals to keep you on track and inspire and help you to stay present in the here and now. This is about focusing your mind and getting your life back to how you really want it.


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