Varvara Dranidis - Life Re-alignment Expert

Helping mid-life mums live with purpose and positivity

If you’re reading this, you’re likely to be a highly driven woman, who’s previously or still has success in her own career, but now also faces the challenges of family and life changes.

Coaching for the foggy mind

Coaching supports you with how to really manage and deal with life from day-to-day whilst you are going through your life changes whatever that may look like.

We co-create a well life vision for your life purpose. Setting attainable goals and beginning to re-recognise your strengths, values and the important things in life that will lead you into a more fulfilled sense of living.

We'll tease out the bits of your life and personality that you've forgotten about, all the bits that make you the awesome individual that you are! The life chapters that have shaped you and brought you to this point, then we'll use that as the ingredients to formulate an amazing new outlook.

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6 week Online Programme

CORE of Happiness

Do you want to on top of your negative/sabotaging thoughts?
Do you want conquer the mental blocks that stop you in your tracks from achieving your goals/dreams?
Do you want healthy relationships, to bring ease and simplicity to your life?
Or maybe you just want to be healthier and live a more fulfilled existence?

Sounds like you? If you are reading this are you are more than likely a creative and driven woman! You love the outdoors, you’re hard-working, love your relationships but get dragged down by stress, anxiety and self-doubt. All those negative emotions that end up being detrimental to your health and the vibrant life you want to lead.

I can help transform the life around you and turn negative thinking into a more positive and sage outlook in just 6 weeks.

I can guarantee that my 6 week Core of Happiness Program will be of benefit to you for your career, home and personal goals. You’ll see changed in your business, your happiness and relationships – with others and yourself.

Concerned about the time commitment? Don’t panic!

Your daily commitment is just 15 minutes!
Your weekly commitment is just 2 hours!

Interested? Get in touch to book your spot, or schedule a chat so I can answer any question you may have.

Mentally Fit & Managing Menopause

Tell me more...

What is the CORE of Happiness?

The CORE of happiness in mid-life is about feeling mentally fit and managing menopause with ease and flow...

This is what I want to share into your lives. Combing the elements of Yoga and mental fitness can bring us into a more holistic way of being and living.

Our bodies and brains are feeling the tug of change and it’s not much fun at all!
We need support, we need to be seen, heard and celebrated in a trusted space with other women.

The vital focus of Yoga for mind and menopause is easing out aches and pains from stiff joints, especially hips, upper back and sacrum. Restoration for anxiety and stress as it does just all get too much sometimes. Creating a wellness tool kit for self-care. So you are able to incorporate all your learnings in your life straight away.

Number one is noticing whether it’s your hormones or your mind self sabotaging or maybe both… Learning techniques to improve your wisdom and sage perspective and having as a result improved relationships, work situations and life purpose.

Yoga for mind & menopause


for achy joints and hips


for anxiety and mood

Key to self care

We'll create a personal yoga and wellness toolkit 


Mental fitness

Key to self care

We'll create a personal yoga and wellness toolkit 


Relationships, work situations and life purpose

Learn skills

To increase your wisdom and sage perspective.

Mental Fitness is also a totally transformational part of what I do now


It’s simple and app guided which is awesome for accountability. It's coached and supported by me.

Working together we will help you notice when it’s hormones or your sabotaging mind that is taking you into the controller, hyper-achiever or victim mode for e.g., that causes the stress, anxiety, shame and guilt.

The learned skills during these 6 weeks will increase your Wisdom and Sage Perspective™, helping you to gain a happier, more balanced you with improved relationships, your work/life/balance smoothed out and your true essence starting to shine through.

I know this works because I have taken part in this program myself, with fellow coaches and didn’t want to stop learning about it!

If you are like me who just wants to make life better and better by bettering yourself, you will also find it incredibly fascinating I promise!


Meet Varvara

Hi, I'm Varvara and I have over 25 years experience in the health and wellness industry in both Greece and the UK.

As a successful businesswoman, I understand the concerns and worries of women juggling careers with family-life. I am passionate about helping you to realign with your values so you can feel energised, empowered and live with ease and contentment.



At my core I love to help people, it brings me great joy and hearing how they've benefited from my coaching is the icing on the cake.

"I am now empowered!! I understand the boundaries I need. I know what’s going to make me happy in life and nothing is going to stop me now leading my mid life in abundance! Thank you Varvara."


"I feel like I’m working in harmony with what’s going on with me!

Varvara seems to Instinctively know exactly what to do that day for me and can often be a combination of stretching, fascia release, Strengthening poses and shiatsu pressure massage. It’s been my weekly go -to for over a year now."


"Coaching through this massive change has offered me continual support with juggling life and keeps me on track, empowering me by keeping my boundaries in place.

The 6 weeks we’ve worked as a pod have been illuminating. I have always been interested in Mental toughness and resilience and used many different techniques. This was unique in showing how and why a habit is needed to break old cycle and develop new ones."


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