Varvara Dranidis - Life Re-alignment Expert

Helping mid-life mums live with purpose and positivity

If you’re reading this, you’re likely to be a highly driven woman, who’s previously or still has success in her own career, but now also faces the challenges of family and life changes.

Has your busy life left you in survival mode?

You’ve lost your direction and purpose, your personal value and what you need and what’s important as a woman moving into her 40s and 50s – yet you’re still an adventurous woman at heart.

Female focused coaching

I know I’m not alone, I’ve been drawing on my expertise to help fellow women in business and professional Mums navigate this time of change. The results of blending yoga and mental fitness have been amazing to witness, focusing body and mind to be able to be resilient in the face of challenging times.

Results include:

  • Sharper focus of mind from practicing mental fitness techniques
  • Increased vital female energy and lustre
  • Building strength, agility and trust in your own body
  • Feeling motivated and accomplished
  • Improved sleep
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Meet Varvara

Hi I'm Varvara, Co-founder of Healthy Options - Yoga & Fitness Holidays in Greece, I have over 25 years experience in the health and wellness industry.

As a successful businesswoman, I understand the concerns and worries of women juggling careers with family-life. I am passionate about helping you to realign with your values so you can feel energised, empowered and live with ease and contentment.

Are you ready to live an empowered life?


Ways we can work together

In Person Coaching


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Coaching Pods


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Yoga Sessions


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The unparalleled powers of wellness will enable you to overcome your struggles and, I will be with you every step of the way, so let’s get started.



At my core I love to help people, it brings me great joy and hearing how they've benefited from my coaching is the icing on the cake.

"I am now empowered!! I understand the boundaries I need. I know what’s going to make me happy in life and nothing is going to stop me now leading my mid life in abundance! Thank you Varvara."


"I feel like I’m working in harmony with what’s going on with me!

Varvara seems to Instinctively know exactly what to do that day for me and can often be a combination of stretching, fascia release, Strengthening poses and shiatsu pressure massage. It’s been my weekly go -to for over a year now."


"Coaching through this massive change has offered me continual support with juggling life and keeps me on track, empowering me by keeping my boundaries in place.

The 6 weeks we’ve worked as a pod have been illuminating. I have always been interested in Mental toughness and resilience and used many different techniques. This was unique in showing how and why a habit is needed to break old cycle and develop new ones."


Awareness is the first step to making lasting lifestyle changes

Coaching is a process of exploration that we will embark on together. I'll be by your side to help you find your strengths, to rediscover what's truly important in your life while keeping you accountable, so you stay on track towards the life you want to lead.

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There is so much strength in asking for support, and from my personal experiences, I can confirm that even when things feel impossible to manage, with the right tools, encouragement, and mindset you can move through these situations, living a richer, more contented existence.


Stay in touch with me...

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