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Through yoga you will build on your strength, flexibility, awareness, and movement. I practice four types of yoga through my programmes: Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative, and Nidra. Each type focuses on a different need of the mind and body.

Hatha is slow in pace with controlled movement and stretching.

Vinyasa is about the connection of breath and physical flow.

Restorative settles the nervous system and resets the body - perfect if you’re feeling burnt out.

Nidra utilises guided meditation to enhance deep relaxation.

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If you’re feeling unbalanced and/or experiencing anxiety, the skills learned through yoga will diffuse these feelings, keeping you centred. If you’re trying to lose weight and cravings are on your mind, yoga will refocus as well as improve your body’s condition. If you’re feeling physical pain, your newly discovered breathing techniques and mindfulness practices will support your body through movement and alleviate this pain. If you’re noticing unwelcome thoughts, yoga can help you to anchor these thoughts in the sand, bringing you back to a place of positivity.

Yoga is built around movement, self-care, and quietening your ‘monkey mind’ chatter. Combine this with my coaching techniques and you’ll discover the skills to carry you through life, tackling challenges one breath or stretch at a time.


Concentrated woman praying with wooden rosary mala beads. Namaste. Close up statue of Buddha.

It resets the mind; it soothes the soul and it improves the condition of the body.

Afro woman practicing yoga at home

It improves your overall fitness and centres the mind.


You will learn a new way to breathe and build resilience physically and mentally.


Through yoga you will have the ability to navigate through life with more clarity.

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