Yoga: A Toolbox for Living

Yoga is one big, beautiful toolbox of practices, methods and techniques to use in our everyday life.

When we develop our own Yoga Toolbox for Living, it will support, reassure and guide us through our good and not so good experiences.

You may not yet be aware of the vast and varied styles of yoga available today. New names are popping up all the time, with new adaptations of this amazing tradition. Luckily with most, the foundations of Yoga remain the same.
In my experience, once we start a practice of Yoga there is no real bind to keep ourselves attached to just one style of Yoga. Keeping an open mind and observing where life is steering you, will show you on its own to what type of Yoga will support you the most.

Instead of limiting yourself, perhaps ask yourself ‘what do I need right now’?


It first occurred to me, after I’d had my second child, that I needed something different. I already had a strong practice from my early 20’s in a Hatha (Sivananda) Yoga but with post-natal depression, a weak body after birth and managing 2 babies, I needed to find my strength again.

Although exhausted, I was determined and started a more Dynamic practice of Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga which quickly got my mind and body back on track, and continued until, with my family, we made a big move from Athens to Lymington. This big move brought, of course, a sense of uprooting, insecurity and anticipation.

With these changes, I automatically started practising more Yoga Nidra (sleep yoga) to defuse those feelings and bring back a sense of security. And I used Restorative Yoga to remind myself to heal and continually ground wherever I was living.


Like many, heading into my 40’s I had a huge shift in my life energy and delved into Vinyasa flow for movement and expression. And to find my female creativity I drew closer to Chakras, Pranayama (breath control) and a strong and intimate meditation practice.

During my adventures in Bhutan early in 2019, my reading in Buddhism and practices in Dharma increased and I learnt some new practices in Puja (Mantra with Mala) which again have added to my understanding and taken my practice into new depths.

Recently, while going through a huge personal crisis, I was challenged in every area of my life and everything I had learnt felt difficult to grasp, even being a well-practised Yogi. Life has its suffering that we somehow have to learn to get through. I turned to my Yoga Toolbox For Living and used a lot of self-compassion to get me through times like these, not pushing myself too hard to keep up with any ‘normal routine’ AND letting loose once in a while with some Yoga dance or Ariel Yoga.

  • Be open to change and explore the opportunities that Yoga can offer you.
  • Make Yoga, ‘Your Yoga’ and a practice which shapes around you and your needs.

When I teach, I want to share my Yoga Toolbox For Living with you, and I’m giving you a taste of all that I have experienced and practised in my Yoga life.  

If you would like to add Yoga to your Life Toolbox book a discovery call or a private session with me today so we can work together to develop the perfect flow.

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