Are ease and flow flowing right past you?

Are ease and flow flowing right past you?

When we’re overwhelmed and life is just too much, we go into survival mode – trying to make it to the next day. The eternal “it’ll calm down after next week”, but we all know too well, that isn’t the case. What we’re missing is ease and flow – prevention – to stop us getting to the point of overload! How easy would life be if we could recognise this and put in measures to nip overwhelm in the bud?!

Mental resilience is the key to coping.

Mental fitness is a great way to get on-top of your negative emotions, you know, the ones that hold us back in leading the happy life we want to live. That niggling in the back of your mind…

Anger, Frustration, Shame, Guilt and Fear are just a few of the negative thought spirals that can take over without even knowing. It’s like when your hand accidentally touches a hot stove – the first negative emotion is good for the first few seconds as it protects you from burning yourself but keeping your hand on the hot stove is when your negative emotions stay for too long, causing all sorts of symptoms that can be detrimental to your health.

We may just think we are sad, depressed or lacking in enthusiasm for life, when in fact it could be that you are beating yourself down about things continually. Like a leaking tap, constantly filling your sink with negative emotions. How often have you given yourself a hard time about not being good enough especially when you are juggling lots of different areas of your life?

It can start feeling like a ‘normal’ way of living.

This is where Mental Fitness comes into play. Mental fitness consists of building mental muscles and neural pathways by repetitions of mental fitness exercises, along with guided knowledge of how to recognise and intercept your sabotaging thoughts and strengthen your innate wisdom and self-belief. This has been scientifically and psychologically proven – much in the same was a physical fitness strengthens muscles, mental fitness strengthens our minds! Visit to find out more about the fascinating science behind Mental Fitness.

Want to find out what saboteurs are creeping into your head at the moment??

Did you know there are 9 possible saboteurs in your life? They effect how you think and feel about yourself. Check out for the saboteurs quiz and let me know in the comments below what you think.

Are you ready to become more mentally resilient in the face of life’s challenges? My Mental fitness sessions will be available again from September with me individually face-to-face or via my online group.

This is what Beth has to say about taking the 6 week mental fitness program with me

“Coaching with Varvara is perfect for challenging life happiness barriers and setting solution focused goals. Her non-judgmental and relaxed style creates a secure and motivating setting for exploration.”


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