My Mind and Body Resilience Foundations

As someone who’s practiced yoga and self care for over 25 years, I find so much value in the discipline it brings me – the mental and physical alignment and agility, as well as how it focuses my mind, brings me a sense of calm.

To continue this practice it has to shift – we are ever evolving as humans and as such my practice is forever changing. Sometimes being dynamic, restorative or maybe just stretching, breathing and meditation. Either way, this constant never fails to be there for me as a life tool of self care, reassurance and something sturdy and grounding when I feel lost or when I’m going through changes and uncertainties – I can always come back to yoga, breathing and mindfulness.

Having this grounding set of daily coping mechanisms has helped me through a really tough divorce, coping as a single parent and starting my life from scratch again. It’s helped me through depression and upheaval overload. With all of that it’s supported me to be the best I possibly can as a Wellness & Health coach, knowing how to hold a safe space for you and to help you reveal to yourself your true values of how you want to live your life.

It’s a huge advantage when you’re going through your personal journey of change to learn how yoga can impact your life-almost like it’s just quietly there in the background. As simple as knowing how to breathe correctly for stress and anxiety, expressing yourself through movement and building a mind and body tool kit for your future.

I know what it’s like to feel so lost and alone sometimes with a new health diagnosis, empty nest syndrome, a life or work reset, or pregnancy and menopause.

I also know that learning and embracing these vital self-care skills and techniques ground and support you as you make new decisions that are going to make you feel like you are living your life to the fullest.

Wellness and health coaching will make it easier to deal with obstacles. Change only really happens when you are ready to step out of your comfort zone and you are ready to confront the changing road ahead of you.

I’ve been there, I’m still there now, I can help guide you into a positive and resilient mindset so everything feels possible. To help you take that leap of faith and start living how you want to live.

I’ll help you build a personal toolkit that that will make you feel:

✨ Fulfilled – your heart actually feels happy with all the decisions you are making. 

✨ Strong and confident – your body is healthy, grounded and you hold an inner calm. 

✨ Radiant and energised – you’re smiling from within because you are living in alignment to your true values. 

Have you taken steps have you taken the last month that make you feel more Fulfilled, Strong and Radiant with confidence?

Let me know what’s worked for you, or if something is holding you back? I’d love to know how I can help get you moving in a positive direction.

­Love V x

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