Scared of your voice? Or are you scared of your breath?

Breath and voice have huge similarities, mainly in the way we use them. Did you know most of us don’t breath properly? OR we’re continually ‘mouth breathing;’. In the last year I’ve noticed this is a common issue. I decided to step out of my comfort zone and join a ladies’ choir called Mum’s Rock. When I first started my voice was shy, restricted and felt like it was something, a part of me, I’d be hiding away for a long time!

To me, my voice was too weak, too girly, out of tune, shallow… This can also be the case with your breath. It can feel restricted, shallow, suppressed, or even feel like you’re being strangled around your throat or tightness in your chest.

I you’re like I am and have felt like you’ve come from a background of dominating males and quiet females you may have always felt like your voice was often not heard. You may have felt like you had no power and it was difficult to express your emotions. No wonder your breath and your voice have become suppressed!

Your inner voice

Maybe a simple process, like mine, of finding your inner and outer voice and breath could be help you find your inner self and who you want to be.

How does this relate to breathing? If you’re not breathing correctly, holding your breath too frequently (you might not even know this is happening!), this can result in a panicking feeling, a feeling of compression in your life, overwhelm, anxiety, serious stiffness in your body. It can also effect you mentally and well as physically.

I’ve often felt choked, like I’m drowning, constricted in my throat, that so much of my vocal expression and empowerment had been lost.

As I delved deeper into my yoga practice over the years, I have been able to bring awareness and continued spiritual growth to my life – something that I’ve always wanted for myself. My journey has resulted in self-empowerment, self-awareness and self-worth. I’ve learnt to enjoy the sound of my voice and realising that people actually like listening to me! Not only have I found my voice and breath through yoga, but singing with like-minded women has made me realise my singing voice isn’t half bad either! It’s even been called lovely! It’s amazing what you can do when you listen to your breath and surround yourself and connect with positive influences.

It’s never too late…

I’m stilling getting used to hearing my own voice and believing that it’s OK, and that I’m worth listening to. It’s only in the last 3 years, in my 40s, that I’ve made this discovery… proving that it’s never too late to find your voice.

One of my most important takeaways from this is that I am continually learning – we’re always on a journey of discovery. I’m learning the connection between the two. How to breathe when talking and singing and how I can expose my vulnerability from that – and from that vulnerability comes SUPER STRENGTH. A Strength all women possess!

I want to help you shine, to be strong, to use your super power. Think about your breathing, take a moment now and then to breath deeply and relax into it. Fill your lungs, and fill your heart with the depth and stillness of breath – so you can tackle whatever life throws at you with your strong, powerful voice!

How are you going to find your voice? Your breath?

It could be yoga, or singing, or anything that helps you express yourself. Expressing yourself helps you feel alive, empowered, like the REAL you. It could be something as simple as a life drawing class to express your artistic voice, going for a walk and enjoying nature. Whatever it is, it could be the one tiny thing that helps lift you out of your current state, to a higher energy and positivity that’s been hidden and suppressed deep inside.

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