New Year, New You? Or New Year, more TIME for you!

We all know how it goes.  January rolls round, you’ve indulged over the festive period, your routine is all over the shop and the media is screaming at us “New Year, New You!”…

But, what is wrong with the current you? Likely nothing! You just need a push in the right direction, this ins’t to say that starting a January journey is bad, if embracing changes in the new year works for you, definitely use them.  however, there’s SO much pressure this time of year, and it’s not even the best time of year!  It’s dark, the weather is a bit rubbish and we’re all reeling from the Christmas chaos.

Chaos being the operative word, from the Greek word meaning abyss.  In Ancient Greece that abyss or emptiness was thought to exist before things came into being – apt for this time of year?  Could the chaos you’re feeling be a time to come into being as a better you? 

Change can be massive and overwhelming. Change can also be small and achievable. 

This leads us onto the new year. How do you want your year to look? You might have big goals such as weight balance, career moves, fitness challenges or a better work-life balance and more family time. These can seem daunting… so let’s break it down…

fitness, sports accessories and healthy lifestyle concept – woman with water bottle resting on yoga mat in gym or studio

What can you do in week 1 of 2022?  

  • Weight Balance Goals:  Drink more water or make sure you get at least 5 fruit & veg a day.
  • Fitness Goals: Go for a lunchtime walk at least 3 times a week.
  • Mindfulness: Begin journaling. Either with an app or a pretty new diary, just down your morning and/or evening thoughts, yours wins, losses and how you’re feeling.
  • Work/Life Balance:  Turn off that phone, make sure you either turn off your phone/email after a certain time or, pick one day at the weekend to disconnect.

Simple changes right? Even if you don’t manage them every day, its OK! Keep plugging away, they’ll soon become habits and you’ll be able to move onto the next small change – all leading towards those bigger goals.

However, this can still seem daunting, this is where coaching can be helpful. Having someone in your corner but that holds your accountable can be the key to success.  I’m here to give you that gentle nudge.

Not only will you benefit from coaching for your mind, but my yoga principles pair perfectly with all our mindset work, helping you cement your mental vision and bring focus and clarity to the changes you’re making.

My female-focused coaching is a trusted and supported way of goal setting, planning, prioritising, and tweaking behaviours. I can help you accomplish this through creating a well life vision/plan along with continual encouragement and accountability – all these steps will lead you to the things that are truly important in your life.

Depending on your goals, I offer individual, 6 or 12 sessions and I offer three wellness programmes covering;

  • Stress & Anxiety Management
  • Body Weight/Balance
  • Post-natal, Menopausal and life change adjustments

If you’d like to find out more or if you’d like a chat, schedule yourself for a FREE discovery call.

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