Overwhelm: a tidal wave crashing over you

Do you come across people that talk so quickly that it’s exhausting to listen to?

You can almost see and feel their mind ticking over at 100mph, the thoughts racing through their mind – like stepping onto a rollercoaster. It’s like a whirlwind, their thoughts are so intense that they don’t know how to slow their mind and categorise them, so they endlessly just spill out of their mouth… You’ve probably noticed that these are mostly negative thoughts…


Maybe you’re that person, or you’ve experienced it from a friend or loved one. This is where awareness comes into play. Awareness of what’s happening. Slowing down, tuning in and finding the techniques in your toolbox to process your thoughts. By taking a moment to put them in order your mind will practice the mental fitness and resilience to slowly rewire your neural pathways to be able to stop negative thoughts in their tracks. Now, this isn’t an overnight fix, it takes time like all good habits. But this internalised negativity does affect your daily life.

Buddy up

Having a buddy coach in your life will help you train those mental muscles to stave off negative thoughts, to know that they’re there – to recognise them and guide you to equilibrium.

As a life and mental fitness coach I can be that buddy, I can help you reach your desired outcome of a calm and positive future. To help you re-assess how you’re living and what’s really important to you.

My unique blend of coaching, yoga and mental fitness fuses all of the essential tools to build a mental toolkit to be able to fix and stay strong through life’s daily challenges. Help you live your best life.

Are you a Mum, career-woman (or both!) going through life changes? If you’re in need of a guiding hand to start the journey of mindfulness to a positive life that you’re in control of. Let’s schedule a chat to see how I can slot into your life with my unique British/Greek upbringing, decades of Yoga and Mindfulness Practice and Coaching qualifications to create a bespoke coaching program that works mind and body together to help you feel mentally fit, resilient and empowered.

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