Coaching is a journey: 18 months later, Sarah’s progression

Were you inspired by Sarah’s journey? I certainly was, her eventual willingness to embrace coaching, her strength and commitment, it was a joy to help her through this process.

Over a year and a half later Sarah is thriving in her new life. 

Empowered by the small and big changes that she has made.  She is confident and more content then she ever would have imagined. Gradually exploring more opportunities of work and spending time designing and enjoying her home space again where before she was just too busy. Her priorities of what she wants in her life are clearer, Her hormones have settled as her Yoga practice stays strong. She continues coaching with me when she needs that extra support but has now also built up her own self-care and coaching tool kit – this is truly one of the best gifts you can give yourself.

Cutting out the cookie cutter coaching

As you can see Coaching can look very different to what you may imagine, and different for everyone’s specific journey. It could be sitting in comfortable leather arm chairs in my welcoming Lymington Wellness clinic but it could also be sitting on the floor on a yoga mat with me, doing 30 min of breathing and mind–set work, deep body stretches and then once in your zone you are able to apply that to thinking more openly about your life. Feeling positively strong in your mind to make the actions you want.  Like any decent coffee it’s all about blending – blending mind-set, blending movement, food, talking, positive thinking all together to build a coaching approach that’s unique to you and more importantly, works for you!

Wow! What can I say… Blended coaching is completely new to me but has been transformative. Varvara has helped move me out of my negative and fearful framework of my life and into focus and confidence to move forward. The yoga principles Varvara uses really gives greater impact to the coaching. While I was working on my body and mind to get more balance and strength, this was also subtly supporting me in the background for my coaching sessions improving my ability to believe in myself again and giving me that accomplished mind-set. All round a WIN WIN !!


This is why I believe I am the perfect coach for somebody who loves this subtle but strong coach approach. I am firm with helping support you with what you want but fiercely warm and empathic, helping you will feel nurtured and confident to step out to reach your goals and find what you are looking for.

Let’s find your unique blend

Are you a strong blend, a medium roast, or more of a sweet latte type?  I love them all and I love all of my clients, that’s why we spend time making sure your coaching journey is blended to your exact taste.  I have many tools in my coaching toolkit, available to you.  From my breathing and yoga techniques, to accountability practices and a wonderful system called PQ Reps (repetitions) exercises for the mind to help us with mental training, building mental muscle. Similar to mindfulness or tactile mindfulness that I currently use, but more focussed on sticking to your PQ Reps, a training program for building up your wisdom.. which goes perfectly hand-in-hand with yoga!

If you’re looking to start the journey of mindfulness, a positive life that you’re in control of. Why not get in touch for a 20 minute chat to see how I can slot into your life with my blended coaching approach. I bring a unique blend of British/Greek upbringing, decades of Yoga and Mindfulness Practice and Coaching qualifications to the table to create a bespoke blended coaching program that works mind and body together.  

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