Menopause and the Mediterranean Diet

Change – the eternal struggle for women.  From school, puberty, relationships, careers, child bearing (if you choose!), relocation and the menopause – we definitely get put through the ringer.

That’s what Davina McCall’s latest documentary ‘Davina McCall: Sex, Mind and the Menopause’ really resonated with me. I’ve been through huge changes and trials in my life as have my wonderful clients.  To see the struggles on TV was eye opening, but also seeing some of the progress made has given me hope.

Did you know..?

More than 50% of woman surveyed by the show said the peri/menopause effected their ability to do their job and 7 in 10 women suffered from anxiety and depression brought on by “the change”?   I can absolutely believe those figures.

While the world if waking up to the Menopause Revolution we may need to take some matters into our own hands.  The temporary “energy crisis” that is menopause is an adjustment, like many things in life, while the brain adapts to the declining oestrogen in your bodies – we need time to adjust and recalibrate.  

Reap the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet

One way we can assist the process is by looking towards the Mediterranean diet. Not only is it simple – great for brain fog!  It’s high in healthy fats and oils (great for your brain, it needs healthy fats to work), and full of nourishing vitamins from the vegetables. Avoiding large amounts of refined (white) carbs also helps avoid the rapid release of glucose – which can lead to mood swings!  Opt for wholegrains and pulses, and bulk up your meal with an extra plate of salad if you’re feeling ravenous.

Helping women through change is one of the core values of my coaching practice, and I understand how scary each progression in life can be.  If you’re overwhelmed by your changing mind and body, get in touch to see how I can help you on the path to positivity.

I highly recommend women of all ages check out Davina’s documentary, it’s available on the Channel 4 Website.

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