How can Yoga and Coaching help realign your life…


Much like everything in life, it starts with awareness. Yoga brings your mind and body to a place of exploration, gratitude and focus. You’re able to gain clarity, to see things clearly, from a place where you can make changes in your life.

Coaching isn’t too dissimilar. We look at the possibility in your life, the vision, what you want and need to create. We look at your strengths, what you’ve already achieved that you might have already written off. We celebrate your achievements – often! We create a rapport between us based on agreements rather than expectations.

Setting goals

Goals are set, big and small. These goals are made up of attainable steps, to lead you, to guide you. Steps that are manageable within your current lifestyle. Your life, what’s happening right now, it’s very different to another persons life and goals. It make take longer to get there, you may get there quicker, but with my support and guidance we’ll reach your desired outcome.

How does Yoga fit in?

Back to yoga, yoga encourages us to take those small steps, leading us to progression. Leading us there via breath awareness, movement challenges and by complete restoration. Yoga is a way of tapping back into our parasympathetic system to reduce anxiety, stress and the worries in your life. Reducing the negative impacts in your life, helps you towards the goals in your life, it helps you enjoy the process of change, it leaves you feeling empowered. Bringing this positivity into your life flows into other areas, you’ll not only cheer yourself on, but those around you – building a positive atmosphere where everyone succeeds with ease and flow!

The perfect pairing

This is why coaching and yoga are the perfect pairing, building mental strength through coaching and goal setting – seeing lifestyle changes that lead to the life you want to live Coupled with positive body changes, feeling better about how you move, breathing deeper to energise your body. You’ll stand taller, feel more confident and your mind will be stronger. All with my support, your cheerleader on the sidelines, you guidance, your accountability.

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