The power of oxytocin: the love hormone, helping women embrace a fearless and empowered birth experience

Childbirth like all of the changes women go through can be a rollercoaster ride. The rush of emotions, hormones, fear of the unknown, we know fear increases discomfort and pain in the body. Fear, uncertainty and pain can cause anxiety and stress in a variety of ways.  The opposite of fear is Love. The feeling of being loved and secure decreases discomfort and pain, heals and nurtures.  It increases feeling of connection and closeness and increases oxytocin levels –  a major hormone needed during child birth for an easier flowing labour.

Oxytocin is THE luvvvv hormone. It’s produced when we hug, kiss, feel a connection, make love, breastfeed and exercise. It helps us bond with loved ones. Oxytocin is so powerful that it increase in the body even when you look at a photo of your baby or look into their eyes. Also it can increase being with your dog or anyone you love and have a strong connection to!

How I can help you as a Coach and a Doula

This is one of the reasons having a doula by your side, during childbirth, can help you embrace the process, without fear, but comfort knowing that your doula has your back. They will make you feel nurtured, cared for and safe, attending to whatever you needs are – thus increasing your levels of oxytocin during the birthing process, essentially mothering the mother. Leading to birthing her baby as naturally and easily as possible.

I am currently working with one of my wonderful clients through this process, you may have seen the blog on doula coaching, her due date is getting closer-and-closer. She is currently alternating Reflexology, Yoga and soft coaching sessions with me.  These sessions are bringing her more in-touch with her breath, visualisation, trusting her body and learning how to tune in to her body knowing exactly what she needs.

Reaching out for help …

She took a wise decision to reach out and find support, knowing that her husband was going to be traveling abroad for much of her pregnancy and at a time when she was going to feel alone, worried and need a Coach, Yoga teacher and Doula to guide her through pregnancy before, during and after birthing. A safe, steady hand, that has her needs at the forefront, to reduce anxiety, answer her questions and be there for them oxytocin boost!

Culturally we are lead to believe that we should suffer in silence, power on through - no pain, no gain type of thinking.

This definitely doesn’t work and it often leads to high anxiety, depression, burnout and who wants that on top of having a baby, relocating and finding your new life’s direction?!  This is why so many women become overwhelmed!  We run the household, we make sure everyone else is OK, but we need to look after the foundation of our lives – ourselves.

This approach of finding positive support and useful daily techniques is not just separated for mother’s birthing. It’s for everyone and vital for living in these hard and fast times.

When was the last time you tuned into your personal needs, goals and what’s important to you?  When was the last time you topped up your oxytocin? 

Maybe you are having a baby and about to relocate and make a huge upheaval with your family or you’re going through life changes and need that extra bit of support outside of your immediate circle.  I’m here to be your accountability anchor, your steady hand, to help you find your way and live the life you deserve through my unique blend of coaching, mental fitness, yoga and movement.

Want to know more? I love helping women in the UK, Greece and further afield feel fearless, resilient and empowered. Let’s chat about how we can work together to create a bespoke programme that fits your needs and lifestyle today. 

The preparation for becoming a new parent can be overwhelming and we forget the journey we have taken before our children were born. Right from the intention of being pregnant to taking your children through early years to University and beyond. A mother’s unconditional love is princess, but you need to love and invest in yourself as well.

If you’re looking to start the journey of mindfulness, a positive life that you’re in control of. Why not get in touch for a 20 minute chat to see how I can slot into your life with my blended coaching approach. I bring a unique blend of British/Greek upbringing, decades of Yoga and Mindfulness Practice and Coaching qualifications to the table to create a bespoke blended coaching program that works mind and body together.  

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