Pregnancy to new life: blended coaching and Doula services

As women we go through so many changes in our lives, it feels like we’re constantly figuring out our mind and bodies.  My current client is no exception, she’s come to me to take advantage of every aspect of my expertise – supporting women! 

New client, new journey

She’s a first—time Mum, currently in her second trimester. Perfect to benefit from my wide-ranging skill set!

Her family aren’t close by and with her husband travelling frequently she feels alone. She doesn’t know what to expect from her changing body and the labour itself. Unfortunately with no local, in-person ante-natal classes (only online), she feels she’s not only missing out on the journey with likeminded support, but that the adjustments she is and will go through can be overwhelming and that my support is just what she needs.

I can’t wait to see her through from pregnancy, to birth to new-life adjustment. Here are a few kind words from early on in her coaching programme:

“I knew Varvara, from the first time I met you and took your yoga class that I had truly found a magical person and now 5 years later and I’m asking you to be there to support me through my pregnancy at my birth, as a new mum, post-natal support and Coaching me through this transition into ease and balance with my new life ahead of me”.

Blended coaching – personalised help for you

As you can imagine I am delighted to be supporting her on this special journey, and I plan to keep you updated on how blended, unique-to-you coaching can help you with support and accountability to avoid overwhelm and flourish as the world changes around you.

Coaching is different for everyone, obviously women going through pregnancy will need different care and support than women going through career, life change or menopause.  That’s where my blend of Yoga, Coaching, PQ Mental Fitness and range of interconnected skills come into play, helping you in a way that’s right for you.

Over the next few months my client and I will be blending together the following:

  • Yoga – focusing on strength in hip and core muscles, balance. 
  • Yoga & Coaching – Breath work and PQ coaching for deeper awareness of body and mind.
  • Coaching – Doula focused. Diminishing  fear and increasing positive intuitive intelligence. 
  • Yoga – Nidra and  Hypno-birthing techniques.
  • Coaching – Practical and family .Planning and organising her home, baby, prioritising self-care. Nesting
  • Birth support – Supporting mothers wishes. Mothering the mother. Encouraging an empowering birth for mother and baby.
  • Post-natal support – De-briefing the birth, prioritising sleep and rest, nutrition and supporting the shift of adjustments needed to be made.
  • Life Coaching – Juggling new family life, husband away again, encouraging community support, self-care and ongoing awareness to anticipating overwhelm.

The preparation for becoming a new mother can be overwhelming and we forget the journey we have taken before our children were born. Right from the intention of being pregnant to taking your children through early years to University and beyond. A mother’s unconditional love is princess, but you need to love and invest in yourself as well.

If you’re looking to start the journey of mindfulness, a positive life that you’re in control of. Why not get in touch for a 20 minute chat to see how I can slot into your life with my blended coaching approach. I bring a unique blend of British/Greek upbringing, decades of Yoga and Mindfulness Practice and Coaching qualifications to the table to create a bespoke blended coaching program that works mind and body together.  

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