What does Wellness mean to you?

How do you bring wellness into your life?

Is it… 

  • being fit and healthy?
  • being less stressed?
  • feeling happy?
  • a well planned day?
  • going for your daily walk?
  • being in control?
  • knowing you have a holiday booked?
  • managing your healthy eating?
  • ensuring you’ve followed up with a therapist or health professional?

All of these things are vital and valid in our wellbeing.  In the bigger picture the feeling of wellness comes from knowing that we are living congruent with ourselves and with what’s important to us.If we don’t we can become unhappy, anxious, lack life direction and often depressed and this is where having a coach can bring you back up to speed with your strengths, increase your positive mindset and help you get super results from your goals.

But what is my goal I hear you ask?

This is where we can start unlocking your true potential and slowly get to the core of the changes that will really matter.

Usually what lets us down in being creative, positive and disciplined in getting our results is that we drag ourselves back to a negative mind set or our Saboteurs (something I’m about to train further in) are denting our abilities and strengths when we know our strengths and we know we are capable deep down.

Looking at your day, week or month ahead can be daunting and this is where overwhelm can settle within us.

Take small steps and look at splitting your 1 day into 3. Give yourself 3 or more opportunities to succeed in the day. Every small step is good,  small and sustainable leads us to long-lasting success.

If you got through the morning being calm but the afternoon was a bit wobbly and stressed or you couldn’t resist that cinnamon bun with your coffee in the morning but the rest of the day you managed to eat more fruit or have a healthier dinner than the day before. That’s great! And all moving in the right direction.

These are massive wins and it’s only when we recognise them do we start building that accomplishment mindset to move on to bigger goals.

An accomplishment mindset can also be achieved through other wins but in my experience the physically challenging ones such as in moving, stretching, dancing and yoga especially give you focus, breath, mindfulness, balance and strength. All the things we need in our everyday important tasks.

In Yoga (and that could be anything from standing in Mountain pose to a dynamic Bird of paradise pose) Taking the small steps using mindfulness and breathing will take you there just like your goals for your wellness and health.Can you see the unity of pattern here?

This duality has always been strong in my life from leading a dual nationality and upheavals into different homes/countries. Naturally being a calm, positive and grounded person to also having suffered depression, divorce, anxiety, weight challenges, IVF and postnatal struggles.

It’s my varied and colourful life experience along with my in-depth training in Body, Mind, health and Wellness over the last 25 years that helps me be the best coach I can for you.

If you’re intrigued why not book a FREE chat with me? Coaching is a personal journey, the free call is the perfect starting point to understand what your needs are and to make sure we’re a good fit.


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