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In case we haven’t met, I’m Varvara a Wellness and Life Coach for Professional Mid-life Woman and Mums, based in Hampshire. As life-long yoga participant I thought I would be an interesting to share with you what I love about being a yoga coach.

Why do I love to teach Yoga..?

Much like the different types of yoga, I have so many reasons for my love of yoga, one my main motivations for teaching yoga is that to help individuals, I feel I was put on this amazing planet for that purpose, I want to play a big part in changing peoples lives into a positive and calm and less chaotic experience. My nurturing and caring personality is bolstered by wanting to educate my clients on their mind and body through my own experience and training – to help people remember who they really are through self-awareness.

Why do I love to coach women especially?

I feel truly connected to women. That’s one of the reasons I became a Doula because I know how much we need to be supported through birthing our children, but also through major change in our lives. If we think about it, periods, pregnancy, childbirth, post-natal adjustments all the way through to menopause. As women we continually have a lot to unpack throughout our lives. That’s why I feel it is so important to dig deep to our creativity and wisdom to get through these moments – to feel supported and empowered. This is exactly why I trained to become a Woman’s wellness coach – to draw on my own experiences and surround myself by a like-minded community – Together we are strong!

How are private yoga sessions different to group classes?

The difference is 10 fold. In my studio my Client’s needs and her journey are everything to me. It’s like trying to hop onto their express train of life and trying to meet them, to slowly put on the breaks. To slow life down and explore.

Lymington Yoga

A private session with me has been described, by many, as an incredibly valued part of their wellbeing, without it they would be lost without the weekly calm, positivity, support and continued learning, as well as feeling openness and flexibility in their body. Everyone’s yoga practise is different and in a private class I can really hone in on my clients personal needs, adjust their practice to their body and zone in on what their mind needs also. Some days we are in search of flow, others we require something more energetic – either my clients leave the studio feeling renewed, energised and more in tune to their mind and body.

Help you to learn, grow and become more confident

Your practice will really rocket with my private yoga sessions. You can fit it in with your busy life at your convenience and you have your own personal Wellness guru at hand.

My private sessions are perfect for those of your with a hectic lifestyle – not only be able to schedule it in at a time that works for you, but you can also schedule a reflexology session, a Woman’s wellness coaching meeting or practice any style of Yoga you feel like that day!

It’s all about you – truly bespoke yoga coaching

More than just yoga…

Our time together will focus on tending to whatever needs you mind and body need. If you arrive and your tired or stressed – we’ll focus on restorative poses, possibly with some Reiki or Reflexology. I’ll help you find those moves that bring the parasympathetic system back into balance. If you arrive feeling vibrant and ready to go, we’ll make it more Dynamic, perhaps challenging and I’ll help you find courage to step out of your comfort zone. Or maybe it is something in between, focusing on injuries, mobility and stretching-out after vigorous exercise. One size does not fit all and my yoga and coaching sessions will be truly tailored to fit your needs, not taken from a cookie cutter sessions plan.

My signature stamp on all of my Yoga is that you will feel like you are in a safe space, held by me for you. Where you’ll emerge from each session feeling empowered, accomplished or simply less stressed – ready to tackle whatever challenges come your way.

Fed up with a group setting? Possibly leaving you with the feeling like you’d really like to get some focused attention, get in touch today for a chat to find out how we can work together to get your mind and body flowing in the right direction.

Are you a Mum, career-woman (or both!) going through life changes? If you’re in need of a guiding hand to start the journey of mindfulness to a positive life that you’re in control of. Why not get in touch for a free minute chat to see how I can slot into your life with my blended coaching approach. I bring a unique blend of British/Greek upbringing, decades of Yoga and Mindfulness Practice and Coaching qualifications to the table to create a bespoke blended coaching program that works mind and body together.  

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