Calming down from Christmas chaos

Christmas Day has passed and we’re onto that limbo between the big day and New Year. Hopefully it’s a time of relaxing and enjoying time with the ones around you, but it can also be stressful. 

There’s a growing wave of people trying to keep their festivities simpler and easier, favouring less stress, good food, fewer gifts and less fuss overall. The pandemic has helped us appreciate the simple and most important things in our life, taking time for reflection and allowing time and space for change to occur for the better.

However this time can still be stressful, creating the perfect Christmas, no matter its size, can take a toll on us. Whether it’s timing the meal, making sure everyone else is happy or if you were struck by a covid test that kept you home.

Here are a few lovely restorative poses to calm your mind and body.. Warm surrounding, blanket and as many bolsters, blocks, pillows and cushions as you like to help you relax fully into the pose. This is about letting go fully which goes hand in hand with what the last year has brought. Letting go of the old and being open and embracing the new…

You don’t always have to launch into a full session, or set of sun salutations… make it all about breathing and being.

Yoga nidra: sleep yoga

Yoga Nidra, relax and recharge

20 min of guided body and mind relaxation. Blanket, pillow, eye mask needed, warm undisturbed place on the bed or the floor. Bolster under the knees.

Lying on your back with a Yoga brick/bolster in between shoulder blades. Slim yoga block, small cushion under your head. Feet together, knees apart (baddha konasana) to open hips for 5 min breathing. Soft through the belly letting it expand like a balloon. Then bring knees together and feet as wide as the mat to release the lower back. Take another 5 min. 

Supported Bridge Pose (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana) 

If you require extra support use Block/cushions bolster under lower back to help lift the hips up. Then release into the lower back, great if you’re suffering from standing in the kitchen or playing with the little ones.

Mountain pose (Tadasana)

Strong, grounded through the feet, soft through the shoulders, lifting through the crown of the head by imagining to tops of your ears are drawing upwards.

Simple stillness by pausing, stopping in the moment. Telling yourself it’s OK to stop and breath. A perfect morning pose before any craziness begins.

I hope these yoga poses give you some peace and clarity over the festive season.

To all my wonderful clients – past, present and those of you thinking of taking the leap next year.

I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating in your own special way with the people around you that you love. Here’s to some good food, relaxation and you time.

Onwards to a Happy, Healthy and Positive New Year.

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